Action | Adventure games

The adventure and action genre is probably the genre that is closest to most gamers because of its many possibilities and ability to drag one into some movie-like universes. In this genre are games such as assassins creed, resident evil, gta and tomb raider.

A little about the Action / Adventure genre

An Action / Adventure game is typical where there is a well-supported story and where you play the protagonist. This genre is typically in the style of a blowing Hollywood movie, where several ingredients are included. It can be anything from car chasing to fat fighting scenes. In action and adventure games everything can happen and they can also play in every imaginable universe. The primary is something happening and that is often a daunting story. Then you dream of being a secret agent, sneak murderer, soldier, or Indiana Jones so they are all under this genre. There are many types of action games, some require that you have the reflexes in order to have the ability to think quickly and make a quick decision. The adventure section also has many sub genre, such as text driven adventures, point and click and 3 persons.