Oil Enterprise (PC/MAC) 19,99 €

Acquire oil production rights in up to 15 regions around the world and use the potential of your oil reserves as efficiently as possible on the dynamic global market. Fulfill lucrative long-term contracts to improve your reputation and make your cash registers ring. But watch out! Make a wrong investment or fail to meet con-tractual obligations and your company could be in danger of going bankrupt.


  • Invest in new oilfields, pumps, refineries, storage facilities, maintenance buildings, logistics and much more
  • Constantly expand your headquarters
  • There's no such thing as a free lunch! Stay in the black or take out a loan if needed! Always keep an eye on your numbers
  • Various events, such as earthquakes, exchange rate fluctuations and ac-cidents, provide new challenges
  • 15 global regions, 90 oilfields and 20 building types
  • Two mentors will let you in on the secrets of the oil industry
  • Improve your reputation to gain access to even more lucrative long-term contracts
  • Dynamic global market
  • 20 different scenarios, free play and multiplayer mode for up to six players

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How does it work? Will I receive Oil Enterprise as a physical copy?

No, you will receive Oil Enterprise product key (Oil Enterprise CD Key), that you will receive by e-mail. Afterwards, you will need to use the Steam-platform to redeem your Oil Enterprise product key (Oil Enterprise CD Key), and you'll be ready to download, install and play Oil Enterprise. You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to do this along with your purchase. It's easy as can be!

What does Oil Enterprise contain? Will I receive the same content as on Steam?

You will receive the standard edition of Oil Enterprise as a digital download for Steam.

Does Oil Enterprise also work on Macs?

Yes, this product key gives access to Oil Enterprise as a digital download for Steam on both PCs and Macs.

Platform PC/MAC
Language English
Release date 20-04-2016
System requirements MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
OS Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Processor AMD Athlon X2 4800 (2 * 2500 Mhz) or Intel Core 2 Duo (2 * 2600 Mhz) or higher
Memory 2 GB RAM
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4600, ATI Radeon HD 3850 (512 MB), NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 (512 MB) or higher
DirectX Version 9.0c
Storage 900 MB available space
Sound Card DirectX 9.0c compatible.<
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