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XCOM: Chimera Squad delivers an all-new story and turn-based tactical combat experience in the XCOM universe.

After years of alien rule, humanity won the war for Earth. But when the Overlords fled the planet, they left their former soldiers behind. Now, five years after the events of XCOM 2, humans and aliens are working together to forge a civilization of cooperation and coexistence.

Welcome to City 31, a model of peace in a post-invasion world. However, not all of Earth's inhabitants support interspecies alliance. Chimera Squad, an elite force of human and alien agents, must work together to destroy the underground threats driving the city toward chaos.

Your agents are unique: each of them equipped with special tactical abilities and driven by a different motivation for joining Chimera Squad. Deploy targeted team members to investigate and combat the dangers that pervade the districts of City 31. Lead Chimera Squad through a new experience that innovates on XCOM's turn-based legacy, utilizing strategy, teamwork, and new breach-and-clear gameplay to complete your mission objectives.

The future of City 31 depends on you.


How does it work? Will I receive XCOM: Chimera Squad as a physical copy?

No, you will receive XCOM: Chimera Squad product key (XCOM: Chimera Squad CD Key), that you will receive by e-mail. Afterwards, you will need to use the Steam-platform to redeem your XCOM: Chimera Squad product key (XCOM: Chimera Squad CD Key), and you'll be ready to download, install and play XCOM: Chimera Squad. You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to do this along with your purchase. It's easy as can be!

Genre Strategy
Publisher 2K
Developer Firaxis Games
Platform PC
Multiplayer No
Release date 24-04-2020
System requirements MINIMUM:
Kræver en 64-bit processor og operativsystem
Styresystem: Windows 7, 64-bit
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core
Hukommelse: 4 GB RAM
Grafik: 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7770, NVIDIA GeForce 650 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Diskplads: 18 GB tilgængelig plads
Lydkort: DirectX Compatible
Yderligere bemærkninger: Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 and 2015 Runtime Librarie
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