Køb billige spil her!

When all the other stores are closed, the party starts here! It's time for the Playgames weekend deals!

Here you can find new and old PC games on special sales, from Call of Duty and The Sims to Football Manager and many more. Each weekend offers new games on sale! We have games for all the different platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay and Battle.net, and we're always cheaper than their normal prices. Once you have your download code (also called a CD Key) you get the option to redeem it and download, for example via Steam. So, you'll be playing your game within hours of buying it!. This is true whether you want to try your lack as a manager in the popular Football Manager or save the world in Overwatch. We have it all - as downloads for your PC.

Har du ønsker til næste Weekend?!

Fortæl os om dine ønsker, så ser vi om de går i opfyldelse næste weekend ;)
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