Here are all our games in the RPG genre

RPG The genre is if you are in role play, this is magnificent adventure with lots of history and character structure. Often, RPG plays in magic universes with lots of mystery and supernatural stuff. Games found in this genre are Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Dragon Age and Diablo.

A little about the RPG genre

The RPG genre is most often played in various medieval settings but it is not a rule. In an RPG you create your own character or party (team) and follow them throughout the game. The stories are many, but typically it is about fighting out various evil wizards, necromancers or dragons that are ravaging the country. RPG is like a big thick exciting book and often has a very long story and it's not unclear that you can spend 100+ hours implementing these games if you want it all. The RPG genre originates from Dungeons and Dragons which was a game of dice and paper that started the entire RPG phenomenon.