1. Ordering

Ordering is done online at Playgames.dk. When the order is completed, you will receive an order confirmation on your given email address. If you don’t receive the order, or you have changes to your order, please contact us as soon as possible at kundecenter@playgames.dk.

We will notify you by e-mail when the product is sent. We shall also be notifying you by e-mail if there are changes in the expected delivery time.

Games currently in stock will be delivered immediately after your purchase. Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive your product keys (also called CD keys) via email. These product keys must then be redeemed on the respective digital platform (Steam, Origin, etc.) If in doubt, we send out detailed instructions for product redemption on each platform in our order confirmation e-mails.

2. Prices

All prices include 25% VAT unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to price increases, currency changes, force majeure, tax changes, sold out & typo. Prices are quoted in Euro (EUR).

3. Payment

We use https://www.quickpay.net as a secure gateway for card payments. You can pay by Visa / Mastercard, Mastercard Debit.

VISA, Mastercard & Mastercard Debit: The amount of is only deducted when they are sent from Playgames.dk and when the entire order is delivered to you. There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved in the order.

4. Returns & cancellation

When you purchase a product key at Playgames.dk, Playgames.dk has delivered digital content to you, according to the definition found in §18, section 2, pt. 13  of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act:

"delivery of digital content, not delivered on a physical medium, if the completion was pre-empted by the prior express consent of the consumer, that they surrender their right to cancellation"

Once you accept terms and conditions, you therefore consent to the fact that Playgames.dk cannot provide any right of cancellation or refund policy after the order has been completed and the content (product key) has been delivered.

In the event of preorders, where the content (product key) has not yet been delivered, you can cancel your order at any time - regardless of the age of the original order - as long as we are contacted via kundecenter@playgames.dk in reasonable time before the game release date.

5. Privacy policy

In order to receive the purchased goods, you must provide your name, postal address and email address to Playgames.dk. Name, address and e-mail address is stored along with information about which product you purchased. This is done to meet current warranty terms.

Register as a customer?               

When you place an order at Playgames.dk, it is necessary to register as a customer. The purpose of this is to make it easier for you to complete your purchase. For instance, you will always be able to find your purchased product keys under your account information. When you register as a customer, we store your password as encrypted data. We note in this context that the transmission of your personal data is via an encrypted connection. Do you wish to no longer be registered as a regular customer, simply contact us via kundecenter@playgames.dk, and your data will be deleted. Playgames.dk stores the registered information till we no longer find it relevant, but no longer than 5 years.

As a registered customer of Playgames.dk you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to inspect the information recorded about you. These rights are secured by the Danish Privacy Act, and requests in connection therewith can be addressed to Playgames.dk via e-mail at kundecenter@playgames.dk

Upon registration of personal data, it is Playgames.dk’s objective to follow the law in this area, but more importantly, to have an online store that our customers can trust. If you have suggestions, we would love the feedback.

To register as a customer, we need the following information:

  •          First name
  •          Surname
  •          E-mail (This is also your username)

We record your personal information for the purpose of delivering the goods to you.

The person responsible for the data is Playgames.dk CTO Jack Jørgensen.


When registering for our newsletter, we only register your email address for use in this context. And cancellation of the newsletter is handled exclusively by the user. Have you signed up for the newsletter, but you do not want to receive it anymore? you can cancel it again via the "unsubscribe" in the newsletter.

Last updated on 17.02.2020